The Malaysian Teen

29 December 2005

MAke ur MYKAD or pay for ur MYKAD!

Sorry coz i had to make the above sample pic of the MYKAD blurr as i dunt want to violate any copyright..but the above is a sample used by Malaysian Registry Department!..All Malaysians need to hav a MYKAD..Dec 31 is the absolute last day for free MyKad application. .it acts as a Identification Card used basicly in all transaction but we Malaysians still need passport though!!
It also has a CHIP dat is used to store other information such as Bank info(can be also used as ATM CARDS),Driving license,healt inFormation and passport information..and a few more features..but i dunt really remember!...guess thatz the important oneZ!..and By the way...Malaysians will hav to pay around RM20(not decided yet)(USd $ 4-5) if They dont apply b4 Dec 31!..and yes...i already Did MYN!....haha!..skewLz gonna start fer me!my my...HAv a major examination next year..ok then..bye! been a lONG yeAR..GOodbye 2005!!!

23 December 2005

ArGhh...Gettin SicK!...Nooo....DuNT WaNNa!

How Lovely ButterFly DOnt U think!.......Woke Kinda LAte 2day! Gettin Sick!...Not Gettin bUt aLreaDy Sick....Having Fever and stuff!......Have to Go aNd ResT!...Bye2!

21 December 2005

Glad to be here....Ciao!!!!

!!~`Nice`~!!...CheAPer CallzZz..!

I hav a Good News aNd a Bad News,tHe BAd newS? blog's Die-ing!...How sAd!
The Gud News?..Mobile users can expect cheaper calls and text messages,eSpecially the ones sent to different telCos(inside Malaysia).A Fixed inter-network access price will be introduced next year.Bla bla bla bla bla bla...okay...then the next thing we need to keep in mind is,3 more TelCOs are applyin for 3G Licence (DiGi, MiTV and Time DotCom) ,apart from the 3 ExisTings telcOs Who has it now(TM Bhd, via Celcom (M) Bhd, and Maxis Communications Bhd)!And oNe More ..PMR(Penilaian Menengah Rendah)..(an examination 9th graders take,basicly to determine the capabilities of which enterin the science or the arts stream)..(malaYsian Education System is Exam-Orientated)..Examination results are Out Tomz...Students can Pick em up startin from 10.30 am i suPPose!
I duNwana Write too much..coz No one is Readin..and...i WIll cLose mY BloG sOOn.....coz Again..No one is reading!..i Just DuntknoW,cAn anyOne heLp ME??PleaSE??

19 December 2005

Four States Hit by Flood in Malaysia!

LuCky me,woke up early today!YEaaa!......4 states in Malaysia has been hit by floods!Over 9000 people has been evacuated and 3 killed in Kelantan(so far;a state in Malaysia).The 4 states involved are Kedah,Kelantan,Terengganu and Perlis!Even the highways has been affected by this floods!.So if anyone's planning to go to the above states,better Not...unless if ya wanna put urself in danger!..As far as i know,in Malaysia the risk of die-ing in floods is low unless ur a kid or very2 short as the water does not rise too much!..Well sometimes it does but thatz just SOMETIMES!!anyway..the risk is more to electric shock,where the cable falls into the water and incase ur a seriously dumb,idiot,stupid,sick, person,u would have known that water is a low level electricity conductor.Well wat happens next?..u get electroded of course!!!!And most probably u will end up 6 fit under..or in some cases burned in a oven like dead meat! going out to get some groceries with my parentz!bye!

18 December 2005

Why Does only 3 Firms Get to Supply To GoveRnMenT!

I Woke up RatHer LAte today,at 1 gOsH!..btw the sun rises 7 a.m(approx) in Malaysia.So 1 pm is SuPer Late!.YEsterday cuden update my Blog coz i went to Key Ell (Kuala Lumpur) to Pick my SistAh'z PAsSPor!..Okay aside my personAL Life.The above question was asked by some 25 Bumiputera(Malays) and non-Bumi (non-malayz,Ex.Indian malaysian,Chinese Malaysian) light manufacturer contractors.There are 10 bumiputra and 18 non-bumiputra companies involved in this trade. They are frustated as they have invested heavily in the this industry but in the end onli 3 Bumiputera firms get hold of the contract which netts out about RM 500 Million (approx 125 Million US Dollars).They are asking the authorities to explain why supply is limited to just three firms. Among those calling for a review of the directive are the Malay Contractors Association of Malaysia (MCAM), Malay Electrical and Mechanical Association of Malaysia (Perkem), and the Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (EEAM) which comprise major suppliers of the items.The reasons that the authorities gave was too long to be typed here.
Anyway, I believe in OPEN MARKET where there is competition rather than a MONOPOLISED MARKET.If theres no competition..nobody is going to work to improve their products or services.This is a kNowN FaCT!..Apart from dat the frustated contractors have jointly reported at the Finance Ministry of Malaysia and the ACA(anti corruption agency).


>>>>> A man only wanted to be know as CHeng has donated RM 100k (25 k USD$) to the Befrienders organisation of MALACCA(a state in Malaysia).A very generous Man i wud say,and i wud like to thank him for his kindness.Okay Gtg to buy books as sChool gonna open on JAn 3rd.ChoWz!

15 December 2005

MAS Fares Flares Up!

Bad NEws For Frequent Flyers!..I read the news rather late today,School's gonna start soon so,I went to sChool to get the book list!..Okay back to our news,Malaysian Airline System,or MAS is increasing its fares coz it is currently running on losses,btw the chairman was changed just 3 weeks ago!Increases are expected between 5%-14% and will be effective on 1 January 2006.However,price increases are not for certain price sensetive routes such as CHennai(India).MAS is also confident that this price increase would not affect their sales,hurm..who knows..But what i know is,MAS services are World Class and they are worth travelling with!..
Another News that i liked was this love story!Mr.Yeoh,a businessman gave his Girlfriend(or Gf to be) Tan Yvonne 999 Roses shaped as hearT!My my,One rich guy i wud say,he claimed that he spent some RM 4000 ($USD 1000) for this FloweRS!!......hurm....COOL ha,need to save from now if i wana do that to my Gurl!!!!Hahaha!
Okay,Think need to go cHatin2 noW!

14 December 2005

Russia Receives Summit Status

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, confers
with Malaysian Prime Minister

As we all know,MALAYSIA is the Host for the 11 th ASEAN SUMMIT which is currently being held in KUALA LUMPUR(Malaysian Capital).One of the interesting thing that happened was;Russia was given the SUMMIT status after so long just being a Dialogue Partner.Malaysia and Russia had also concluded bilateral negotiations with regard to its accession to the World Trade Organisation, where Russia had agreed to reduce tariff on 438 Malaysian products, which include palm oil, margarine, palm kernel oil, and plywood.Apart from that Russia has also announced that it is going to arrange more People-Centred exchange programs with Malaysia to strenghten the bond.Currently Malaysia and Russia Has a Astronout Programme that involves Malaysians.
Apart from this SUMMIt thing,another news was that the alleged news that said the Woman doing the Naked Ear Squats was indeed a Malay and not a Chinese National.This incident has happened in Petaling Jaya(near KL) Police Station where female detainees are asked to do naked ear squats.A independent commitee has been set up by the Government to probe this allegation.....hurm...souNd Fun!...okAy...Enuff fer Today!...Bye2